Who am I, and how did I get here? 

In 2013 I made the decision to move to Los Angeles, California for the next four years of life. I attended a small liberal arts school, Azusa Pacific University, and received my degree in English and Psychology. A week after graduation, I set out on a cross-country cycling journey with 5 other women to help raise money for @charity:water; advancing the efforts to provide access to clean water in underdeveloped countries around the world. This was my first main stab at understanding the people helping people mentality. Though I didn’t know the logistics of where these wells would be drilled or how they would be maintained, I knew one thing: clean water would change everything for women and men in underdeveloped countries. I knew clean water would be the turnkey for thriving communities. Access to clean water meant business development in rural villages, education for kids who would otherwise trek miles and hours a day for sanitary water, basic human health needs could be met, and so much more. I believed in what I was riding for, so I invested fully into it.

After finishing the 3,500 mile ride and raising enough money to drill five wells in Africa, I moved to a small town we cycled through. I fell in love with Jackson, Wyoming the first time I came over Teton Pass and dropped into the valley. I moved there two weeks after the ride and got a job at the Four Seasons in Teton Village. After working there a few months, I quickly learned that I wanted to move closer to the heart of local businesses in downtown Jackson for access to more opportunity to cast my net further and deeper in my new home.

I landed a job as a barista to hundreds of local residents in a cafe called Picnic, where I worked for six months developing relationships with our loyal customers and getting a grasp of the culture in town. After six months in the role, I got recruited by one of our daily customers at the shop, the owner and founder of Outpost Property Management. I was offered a job as a Guest Relations Specialist, and joined a small team that was managing ~80 properties (primarily short-term rentals). During my time at Outpost, our team grew from managing 80 properties to over 120 – adding in rental-supply services, cleaning services, and activity-organized services. I didn’t get hired because I knew anything about property management, nor did the CEO ask me my qualifications from college. I got hired because of the way he saw me interact with customers – turning regulars into friends, and coffee-drinking locals into my soon-to-be mentors. What he saw was someone who longed for, and fought to build, a community in our small little cafe. I never had to interview for the position but I worked there nearly a year.

Once I made the hard decision to leave Jackson, I moved closer to my family back in Seattle, Washington. I took another barista position, worked at a small non-profit that fought sex-trafficking and provided work for victims, and started growing roots here. About eight months later, I was recruited by WeWork and joined the team as a Community Associate. Planning events, running the building operations, and strengthening the network between our members were some of my main focuses. I fell in love with the WeWork community + the creative, passionate members and colleagues I was able to meet along the way. My relationships deepened with our members + companies occupying our spaces- so much so that I was able to accept a job with an internal company to build out their community department. CEO Kevin O’Keefe approached me, knowing I knew nothing about Legal Tech, and told me he believed I would be a great addition to their team. In the middle of a global pandemic, I took my next step in the community building world and accepted a job (fully remote) for LexBlog, partly to learn more about a new industry I was clueless in, and partly because Kevin believed in me enough to hire me knowing I was under-qualified for the position. I am now the Community Manager at LexBlog, Inc, and my hope is to continue building relationships in the Legal Tech world.