Spending time in our support queue over the past couple months has given me assurance that I could never work in online design or UI.

One of my favorite concepts is the idea of the aggregation of marginal gains, most recently popularized by James Clear in his book, Atomic Habits. He talks about the story of British cycling coach Dave Brailsford, who took the British Cycling team from one of the worst teams in Europe to the dominating team at the Olympic Games in just five years. How? He looked at everything directly and indirectly related to the performance of his athletes, and found a way to make a small, 1% improvement in each facet of performance. Taken individually, each of these improvements had a negligible impact, but taken together, the improvements delivered an outsized impact: the aggregation of marginal gains. You can apply this powerful concept to your law firm.

In the blogging world, I’ve seen people hone in on this 1% more intently than I’ve ever witnessed before. “Can you change the font size of this one sentence in a 15-paragraph post?” “Can you update the photo to match these specific dimensions at the bottom left of the page?” “Can you switch out ‘fast’ for ‘quick’ in the author bio?” Questions like these inundate the support queue of LexBlog constantly. What I have loved most about the blogging community, and the legal blogging community in particular, is how aware of detail people seemingly are.

The ability to pay attention to the 1% improvement margin has paid off big time for lawyers in the blogging industry. A sophisticated, strong blog owner recognizes this concept and capitalizes on it. It is what separates 99% of lawyers to the 1% – the 1% who have *blogs (*strong and active blogs) are building their brand and earning client trust by paying attention to the 1% impact.

Time after time, blog after blog, the aggregation of marginal gains generates millions of dollars annually for these lawyers while building out an unequivocal reputation among other lawyers and clients.

“Improvements delivered an outsized impact” – this line is sticking with me. Whether it be in my job, in my relationships, or in my personal life, I am reminded yet again what a difference it can make to be keen on detail and attentive to areas of improvement. Legal bloggers seem to understand this.

Recently, I thought about this in terms of community building, growth, retention, and health. I thought about the blogs we have yet to bring into LexBlog’s network and how reaching out to just 1% of those blog owners each day would add up over time, quickly, and expand our community in unimaginable ways. I’ve thought about what it would look like to reach out to just 1% more females each day who are running strong online legal blogs, how even 1/100 added per week to the LexBlog community would eventually generate hundreds more women-run blogs and represent hundreds of more women lawyers. Or if we represented and syndicated even 1% of African American run blogs, or 1% pro-bono resource blogs – how much more good we could be aggregating and curating in our community.

I think Jack was right to mention that the 1% can make all the difference. Not because the 1% alone, but because of the million 1% moments that will make up an undeniable impact. There are hundreds of thousands of legal blogs out there – if we even got 1% more of them into our community, we’d be better for it.